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High School: The Mouse Race To Prepare You For The Rat Race*

Mr. Barnor & Me

Mr. Barnor & Me

A former high school classmate/current Facebook friend ran into one of our old teachers in an elevator and posted a Facebook picture that I assume was taken with a cell phone. The post garnered many likes and comments not only about Mr. Barnor, who taught Civics and Economics, but also comments about other teachers who have been sighted 15 years post-graduation. Most names, I either don’t remember or didn’t have the pleasure of taking, but I do remember Ms. Brun aka Madame Brun, my crazy French teacher. It may not seem PC to call her crazy, but most of the comments said just that–she was crazy. She ate chalk in class.

I dug out a photo of Mr. Barnor, a classmate and me, probably taken on the last day of school at Boston Latin School. I think I’m a junior. I wish I could remember if I had Mr. Barnor for Civics or Econ, neither of which tops the list as a favorite subject. I preferred the timed writing sessions in English AP. Mr. Barnor called students by their last names. Intimidated by my 12-letter last name, he called me Ms. D. With his West Indian accent, it sounded more like Mizzzz Deeee.

High school seems like many lifetimes ago. Back then we were impatient for high school to be over, thinking we were ready to tackle the world, or at least college. No amount of pop quizzes or open book tests could do that.

*Author Unknown

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