Rain, Rain, Go Away

Let people boast about being MVP of their basketball, baseball or football teams. I reigned supreme on the kickball field. During recess. And never received any awards. My legendary kicks to the outfield guaranteed a homerun for me and scores for others already on base. I was one of the first ones chosen by team … More Rain, Rain, Go Away

A Good Night

I’m far from a social butterfly. I’m the worst when it comes to making idle chit chat. I choke and stutter. I don’t party. I barely drink. While I love to dance and jump around in the privacy of my apartment, in a social setting my limbs don’t follow the signals sent from my brain. … More A Good Night

Time of Your Life*

College was supposed to be the time of my life, but my hopeful dreams of making lifelong friends and attending crazy parties quickly faded when I realized I didn’t fit in on campus and, more importantly, was falling out of love with learning. I started working at Borders during second semester freshman year at Babson … More Time of Your Life*