Just Sherring

You’re Just Paranoid

I had to break up with Dr. Oz. When the Dr. Oz show premiered in 2009, I faithfully set my DVR to record it on a daily basis. He already had me as a fan from his Oprah Show appearances dressed in his blue scrubs and purple latex gloves. I designated a mini-notebook and pen to diligently take notes on exercises and superfoods known for boosting metabolism, brain functions like memory, and known cancer preventers.

Those segments proved helpful. I changed my grocery shopping habits. My Fresh Direct shopping cart had less processed and sodium-rich foods and more fruits and vegetables. I started eating quinoa and kale. My checkout bill was more expensive, but my skin became softer and my waistline shrank.

Despite my new eating habits, I found myself worrying about my health more. The show had segments about warning signs for diseases and illnesses. Soon, my headaches weren’t just headaches. I panicked about having a brain tumor. My weight loss was due to a tapeworm or other parasite. My bad morning breath was because of rotting teeth caused by acidic foods. Though I am always cold due to my confirmed diagnosed anemia, I was convinced I was feverish, a sure sign of my body trying to fight off some  type of bacterial infection.

I knew I had to stop watching Dr. Oz when I started writing down the symptoms for and contemplated whether I had prostate cancer.

I’m not a health nut, but I keep a healthy diet supplemented by multivitamins, Omega-3 capsules and folic acid. I drink a green smoothie nearly every morning for breakfast. I exercise three to four times a week. I had to stop letting Dr. Oz make me believe I was sick, unhealthy or suffering from diabetes, hypertension, obesity or some hard to detect and diagnose cancer. I cancelled my recurring recording of the Dr. Oz show.

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