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Why I Will Watch Trump Host SNL

To call myself a (former) fan of Donald Trump would be an overstatement. Long before I knew he was a real estate mogul, and way before he decided to run for president, I simply knew him as a divorced millionaire. As a follower of pop culture since a young age, I watch the entertainment news shows and read magazines. Trump garnered invitations to random, but major celebrity events like award shows and movie cameos. He attended Star Jones’ wedding, but then again, who didn’t?He seemed to fit right in with entertainers, though what he did as an entertainer was unclear.

I liked Trump enough to watch him when he got his own show. I chose a few favorites from the cast of nobodies on the first season of The Apprentice when it aired on NBC in 2004. I avoided and was happy when Martha Stewart’s Apprentice failed. I was all in when Trump’s Apprentice was revamped as The Celebrity Apprentice, at least for a few seasons.

Donald Trump on a TV game show was entertaining to watch. Only in light of his presidential bid that seems to be picking up steam have I learned about his taking out a full page ad in the Daily News condemning the not yet tried or convicted, but years later exonerated teenage boys dubbed the Central Park Five. Only now in snippets of clips viewed on late night talk shows and not the evening news have I heard his derogatory comments about Latinos and immigrants, whom he seems to think are one and the same. Part of  me thinks he makes his comments more for the shock value and guaranteed headlines than his actual belief in what he says.

As the child of immigrants, I  understand people’s, not just Latinos, displeasure in Trump hosting SNL this Saturday. I’ve watched SNL for years. When I wasn’t allowed to stay up to watch it, I taped it on my VCR. Now that I’m grown, I DVR it because more often than not I can’t stay awake to watch until the credits roll. The pro of watching recorded episodes is that I can fast forward through commercials, lame skits, and musical performances I don’t care for. (I credit SNL and Fallon’s Tonight Show for introducing me to new artists. Hello, Sam Smith!)

Watching a Trump hosted SNL does not mean I support him, his views or his politics. I’ll be watching out of curiosity and for sheer entertainment. This season, as in past seasons, the show has spoofed Trump. I’m sure the writers will force him to poke fun at himself and not just his hair. I’ve heard that if a DVR’d show isn’t watched within a three day timeframe it doesn’t count towards its ratings. It’s not an all out boycott as some are calling for, but it’s my compromise.

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