Blogging is Hard

Blogging is hard. Much harder than I expected it to be. I was scared to dip into the blogosphere because I didn’t think there was a space or a lane for li’l ol’ me, even though my mind was always buzzing. I thought I’d be inspired to post intelligent, thoughtful, witty, or funny posts on a daily basis. I kept having experiences that I thought would make perfect blog posts, like trying a diet for the first time or getting free tickets to movie screenings.

Months after finishing grad school for writing, I missed writing, and took the plunge. I was on fire. Making lists of things I could write about, drafting posts at work while I should have been working. Then before the year was up, my drive fizzled. I was quiet for over a year.

I resurrected my abandoned blog a few months ago, starting with a Goodreads book review, but I’m having the same troubles again. It’s weird how while laying in bed, taking a shower, riding the subway, reading books, magazine or other blogs, my mind is ticking with ideas for posts. Whenever possible I scribble down a title, opening sentence or  the idea that popped into mind. These unfinished future posts are in various notebooks, emails to myself, Post-It notes around my apartment, and trapped in my phone, iPpod and Nook.

I’m usually so excited to finish writing them. And then…life gets in the way. I get home late from work. I’m too tired to write. I’m busy stuffing my face. I get hypnotized by the evil TV. I fall down the rabbit hole of social media.

I’m sitting at my table trying to be a good blogger so I can have consecutive posts. I had a long day at work. Since I didn’t go to the gym earlier, the plan was to do a YouTube workout video in my living room, cook dinner and eat, wash dishes, shower, then blog as I watched TV.

Easy, right?

I am feeling quite accomplished that I stuck with the Tone It Up workout even though I was tempted to close the window on my laptop screen. I could’ve chromecasted it to my TV, but I was also watching a show. What can I say? I’m a multitasker. My baked salmon and broccoli dinner was delicious. My hot shower with eucalyptus aromatherapy bath gel from Bath and Body Works was relaxing, and I’m now watching a DVR’d episode of The Real after switching off from the CNN coverage of the primaries. I watched New Jersey Governor Chris Christie fake excitement and begrudgingly introduce Donald Trump, who easily dismissed questioners, and bragged about being a good businessman who would bring jobs back to America, and of course build a wall. I haven’t washed the dishes yet, but I did scroll through social media and saw that my cousin took our 94-year-old grandfather to vote. It made me misty-eyed for several reasons.

There’s a lot more randomness that I could write about, but I’ll just save it for another post, another day.


2 thoughts on “Blogging is Hard

  1. Even your seemingly “uneventful” blog post about the harsh realities of blogging turned out to be a cerebral exercise and treat for the reader. Go with YOUR flow; we will “keep swimming, swimming, swimming” right behind you. I very much enjoy reading your adventures. Keep “Sherring” with us, please, even if it’s intermittent.

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