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I’m feeling like a rock star. Again. Even more so than the night I posted about seeing Padma Lakshmi at Barnes & Noble.

Fellow bloggers will attest, it feels good to get “likes” on a post, but even better to get new followers. Even if a person is not a blogger, chances are he or she has at least one social media account. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Goodreads. I’m guilty of having all of the above. Some are more neglected than others.

It can be so addictive and mind warping. After I have a thought or experience, I’m quick to post on Facebook and Instagram and check in to watch the “likes” increase and read comments. I’m not as active with blogging, but I’m getting better and have the same feelings. I can remember a few times when I’ve felt like a loser when a post has fallen on “deaf ears.” No comments, no likes.

When that happens, I contemplate deleting it, but then my stubbornness (determination?) roars its ugly head and I keep it up. Like most sites, Goodreads has a feature that updates activity to your Facebook feed. Since I don’t tend to read super popular or current books, my posts go ignored by most of my Facebook friends, but my Goodreads friends acknowledge my posts.

But this isn’t about Facebook or Goodreads. It’s about my blog JustSherring.com and reaching the milestone of over 100 likes. It’s taken a few years to get here. I’m happy, surprised and grateful. Thank you to all who have been reading, liking and commenting on the random thoughts of little ol’ me. I can’t wait to double, triple and further multiply the numbers by providing content you find interesting.


  1. This is true! I could really care less about the “likes” I’m getting on my social media accounts, but having to gain on my “blog” is something I’ll always be happy about!

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