Just Sherring

TV Shows Go on Hiatus; Why Can’t I?

Yeah, OK, I took a long break. An unintended break at that. My apologies. I’ve already admitted that blogging is hard. It’s not that I don’t have a passion for it. I’m busy living and enjoying life, rather than writing about it. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t read a whole book. In my defense, I am in the middle of reading about three.

My attempt at the A to Z Blogging Challenge was an epic fail. At least I got more than halfway through. Now that I’ve gotten back on the horse, I intend to finish it. It’s more out of stubbornness than anything else. I spent over an hour mapping and planning the whole alphabet. I could’ve sworn I posted my essay about milk. L was the last post. I will finish!

During my time away, I saw, heard and experienced plenty that will serve as fodder for Just Sherring. Boy, did I want to hop on when Prince died (so sad), Beyonce dropped Lemonade, which had zero influence on my own lemonade post long drafted before I even heard of her project. All I could say was “day-um!” as I watched the HBO special. I even wanted to chime in when Harambe was killed. Parental criticism aside, of course the child’s life matters more than the gorilla’s. How is that even a debate?

Since April, I made trips to Boston, Philadelphia, Jacksonville and most recently Vegas. I’m gearing up for my first ever trip to New Orleans. Essence Music Festival or bust, baby! I’ve been trying for over ten years and have had it on my vision board for the past three. Patience is a virtue, for sure. Now for the husband, house and flat abs. And yes, I’ll take them in that order.

I celebrated another birthday (spent in Philadelphia); went to a few author events (Anderson Cooper, Angie Martinez, Bernice McFadden); went to the movies (BarbershopCaptain America: Civil War, Jungle Book, Keanu to name a few; participated in my first ever Open Mic;  attended my oldest niece’s college graduation in Jacksonville, and my first ever Alumni Day at my grad school alma mater with a former writing group member. I think I’m still on a high from the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour at Barclays in Brooklyn. Oh yeah, I stayed at the luxurious Venetian hotel in Vegas during Memorial Day weekend to catch J. Lo’s All I Have.

Please allow and excuse my humble brags, folks. I always say to my cousin, “I may be lonely, but I’m not bored or boring.”



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