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Shows I’m Missing Right Now

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Shows live on in in syndication, streaming services and whatnot, but with all the thousands of hours of other unwatched programming, I’m picky about what series I re-watch. One show that I put on to watch an episode (or four) when I want to feel good, or I can’t decide what to watch is The Cosby Show. I started months ago, but I’m still only on Season 3. The Cosby Show aired back in the good ol’ days when shows had twenty-four episodes per season, not just these 6, 8 or 10 episodic seasons these days. They further torture us by making us wait close to a year, or a full year for a new season. On rare occasions, time and memory permitting, I may re-watch the previous season or the last episodes to jog my memory. Sometimes the recaps don’t do justice to the juiciness of what actually happened.

Sidebar: I’m not a fan of these reboots,proposed or actual. Not a single one. I can miss the original without  wanting them to revamp or revive it, especially if key cast members have passed on. I’m looking at you Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Martin.

I don’t care if the last episode I watched was the season finale or the series finale, I’m missing the characters, plot twists, great dialogue, writing, cinematography, lighting, bomb outfits, enviable hair styles, steamy sex scenes, stuck-in-your-head soundtrack, relatable themes, podcast recaps, WTF moments, and group text chats about these shows.

  1. Queen Sugar
  2. Lovecraft Country
  3. Pose
  4. P-Valley
  5. Insecure
  6. Greenleaf
  7. Being Mary Jane
  8. The Tavis Smiley Show
  9. Game of Thrones
  10. Black Love
  11. Wild N Out
  12. In Living Color
  13. Sopranos
  14. Ozark
  15. You
  16. Power (the original)
  17. Euphoria
  18. I May Destroy You
  19. Chewing Gum
  20. The Chi
  21. Love Is…
  22. Shameless
  23. Boardwalk Empire
  24. Breaking Bad
  25. Dexter
  26. Martin
  27. Entourage
  28. My So-Called Life
  29. Girlfriends
  30. Noah’s Arc
  31. The L Word
  32. Mad Men
  33. Sons of Anarchy
  34. Atlanta

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