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Gift Guide for the Booklover in Your Life

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2020 has been a hell of a year. A few days ago, I saw a commercial for a New Year’s Eve show and wondered why they were advertising so soon. The first few months seemed to drag and then sometime around late spring, the year had a leadfoot on the gas. And now Christmas is days away.

I’m not sure what Christmas shopping phase you’re in: haven’t started or completely done. If there’s a booklover in your life, I, a booklover, can help you with this Christmas or any other gift-giving holiday.

  1. Books

Duh! A booklover would love more books, obviously. HOWEVER! Make sure the book(s) is the genre they enjoy, or a specific title they’ve mentioned wanting to own/read. Bonus points if the book is autographed, first edition, limited edition, or a pre-paid pre-order for an upcoming book from a favorite author or next book in a series. Boxed sets are great, too.

  1. Gift card to a bookstore

Note: get the gift card to a bookstore. Not only are you helping to support a (preferably) independent bookstore, but you’re also ensuring that the funds will in fact be spent on a book, not socks or underwear or some other needed item. Boring.


We can get quite creative when it comes to using objects as bookmarks. As a gift, the cuter the better, and the fancier the better. The bookmarks can be bejeweled clips, bands, or book magnets. There are websites and artists on Instagram who specialize in making these very necessary book accessories.

  1. Booksleeve

There are two types of booklovers: those who treat their books like precious cargo and monsters. In the case of the former, a book sleeve will be greatly appreciated, especially for the on-the-go reader who’s never sans book. A booksleeve protects against bag clutter and batter, or even hand-carrying in the elements. Bonus: you can also slip in a notepad and pencil or pen if you’re note-taking reader. I purchased my first sleeve from Book Beau before @dreaminofcelie opened an Etsy shop. I bought 3.

  1. Journals

Chances are a booklover also loves journals. Chances are also high that there’s a collection of cute, possibly unused, journals that keeps growing. These journals are collected for collecting’s sake, note-taking for write-ups on sites like Goodreads, to keep track of past, current, and future reads. Or, peep this, they’re used for actual journaling.

  1. Pen

I mean, if you’re gonna give a journal, you might as well pair it with a cute or fancy pen or pen set. Sex is good and all, but have you ever had a smooth writing pen?

  1. Tablet

Let’s not forget the readers who’ve crossed over to the electronic side. I’m not there yet, though I have the Kindle app on my phone as backup for when I don’t have a physical book. Ebooks are less expensive, don’t clutter the home, and are quicker and easier to purchase. Not to mention, through Libby and other apps, ebooks (and audiobooks) can be easily borrowed for free from the local library.

  1. Headphones or wifi speakers

Listening to audiobooks is reading! Whether it’s listening in the car, around the house while cooking and cleaning, walking around the neighborhood, or riding the subway. However books are consumed, it’s reading. Convenience aside for most, audiobooks along with large print and Braille are great ways of being inclusive of visually impaired readers. A nice set of headphones or speakers can enhance the audiobook experience.

  1. Fluffy throw pillow

Bed, couch, floor, chair, nook, window sill are all favored places around home people like to read. You can never have too many pillows whether it’s to sit on, prop elbows, provide back support, or rest the book for easier reading. When not in use, it makes for great décor.

  1. Cozy blanket

Bookworms and couch potatoes alike love to wrap up in a cozy blanket. Also, the blanket can be complementary to a pillow. The bigger the better and the softer the better.

  1. Water bottle/Teacup/Mug/Thermal traveling mug

Once we settle into our cozy blanket and get the pillows adjusted just right, we won’t want to move for a few hours, but we  may get parched. The coffee or tea may get cold and the cold water may end up being room temperature, but that doesn’t stop us from pouring it and setting it beside us before a reading session.

  1. Month or full year paid to book subscription service

This can be the subscription plan of a local bookstore (always good to support indies!), or the larger national ones, like Book of the Month or Page 1 Books. Some of these subscription services also come with extras, such as tea, bookmarks and other items.

  1. Candle

Although a bookworm can read anywhere, under any type of conditions, even by the light of the moon (I speak from experience) a well-scented candle can help set a nice ambiance/atmosphere for reading. Besides, who doesn’t like a nice candle?

  1. Plants

This goes along with ambiance thing. In my experience, booklovers also tend be plant parents.

  1. Bookstand/book cushion

You know the pose: lying on your back, with your knees up and  the book propped up against your thighs. A bookstand or cushion, preferably one that keeps the pages in place is a great idea. A bookstand is especially useful to the cookbook users out there.

  1. Book ends

Chances are the bookshelves are already packed to capacity and the bookends won’t be used for their intended purpose of propping up books, but they’ll make cute decorations or accent pieces somewhere on the shelves.

  1. Swiffer

I mean when you have dozens, or even hundreds of books, once in a while they do need to be dusted to get rid of those hiding dust bunnies. Make it easier with a Swiffer—the kind with the extending handle to reach the top shelves.

  1. Book merch of classic/favorite book

Almost every item on this list can be found in the form of book merchandise. It can contain the book title, a scene or character from a classic novel or one of the booklover’s favorite books. T-shirt, sweater, bag, socks, scarf, bookmark, pillow, blanket, slippers, pouch, book sleeve, journal, mug, cup, travel thermos. My sister has bought me an item or five from outofprint.com. One of my favorites is a banned books mug that reveals titles after hot tea is poured into it.

  1. Paid admission to a book event

Some book events are free, some aren’t. Some book tour stops require the purchase of the newly-released book as cost of admission. Although two of the major, most well-known conventions, BookCon and Book Expo, will no longer exist (casualty of the pandemic), there are other book festivals, fairs, and conventions. Just do a little research. I’ve had a great time each year at the Well-Read Black Girl Festival, which gets bigger each year. This year was virtual and free, but hopefully it will return to an in-person event once this pandemic is over.

  1. Attend a book event

Yes, we booklovers are introverts, but sometimes we like companionship. It’s heartwarming when someone willingly partakes in something we love, whether or not you’re a fellow booklover. One of the redeeming qualities of an ex is that he attended book events and book festivals with me. While he’d sometimes drag me past a bookstore not allowing me to enter because he knew we wouldn’t leave anytime soon thereby abandoning our plans, he’d walk around with me at festivals, patiently waiting as I went from booth to booth, speaking with authors, carrying my bag of books, sometimes even suggesting books he thought I’d find interesting. Book time can be quality time.

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