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Sherring’s Goodreads: Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun by Bella Jay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here Comes The Sun by Bella Jay was such a cute friends-to-lovers story. Although a story that begins with “I fucked my best friend. Correction I fucked my best friend–again, and this time, I knew better” deserves something better than cute, but that was my reaction throughout and when I finished reading.

I legit had a cheesy smile most of the time as I read Here Comes The Sun. Shelby and Jamar have known each other since junior high but became best friends in high school. Now in their early thirties, they’re flirting with the idea of kicking it up a notch. Well, Jamar is sure of what he wants to do. He’s always been in love with Shelby. My cheesy smile only wavered in frustration at Shelby’s hesitation to enter into a relationship with Jamar. Come on, sis, he’s your best friend!

I love everything about their relationship. Their comfort level, ease, and even their nicknames for each other. Mari and Bee. *swoon* I’m new to novellas or is this a novelette? Either way, this is only my second one. The first was Pretty Brown Eyes a few weeks ago. My greedy side wanted an extended, full length novel simply to luxuriate in how much Mari loves Bee. He does grate on her nerves, but that’s because she has up some thick emotional walls. I breezed through the story in one sitting as my post-dinner rest before settling in for a night of trashy TV.

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