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New Year, New You

Listen! I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. I left those behind somewhere in my thirties.

I prefer to focus on ever-evolving goals that are broken down into bite-size pieces.

Yes, I want to write a book (kinda and sometimes). But how about I journal, blog, and enroll in writing workshops to chip away at the daunting chapters week by week, and have people not only keep me accountable but give me feedback along the way?

I want to tone up these abs and arms—a forever struggle. Let me start with twenty-minute low-intensity workouts before I dive into these 45-minute (or longer) HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts riddled with burpees, jump squats, and other moves that aggravate my knees and damn near make my lungs explode.

I would love to be a dedicated and disciplined vegan, but going full-vegetarian or full-vegan cold turkey never lasts long-term for me. So how about I take it easy on myself and do so when I’m ready, and not just because it’s January 1st? I started with Meatless Mondays. Now, I limit my meat intake to weekends. I’m having a hard time giving up eggs and salmon, y’all. Let’s not even talk about the chokehold Laughing Cow cheese has on me! I eat it plain, on a cracker, or on a cracker with smoked salmon. Speaking of smoked salmon, I eat it plain, on a cracker, or on a cracker with Laughing Cow cheese.

I no longer subscribe to the idea that a new year on the calendar is when I should hit the reset button to start anew or refresh.  A lot of unforeseen things, good or bad, big or small, happen throughout the year that lead to having to scrap, remix, or shift goals and focus elsewhere. Besides, my new year begins on April 22.

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  1. Tyree

    THNX FOR SHARING!… As an Employee of a supermarket- Cheese Dept… I know what you mean about that Cow Cheese but it’s the ASIAGO for me! I love Every version of it. Especially the Rosemary Asiago. I’ve removed everything except Fish from my eating but I do dabble in chicken from time to time.

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