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Sherring’s Goodreads: Knot Again

Knot Again (Real Men Knit, #2)Knot Again by Kwana Jackson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Knot Again is the sequel to Real Men Knit by Kwana Jackson. This time around, we follow FDNY firefighter Lucas of the Strong brothers. It’s a year later and the brothers are still reeling from the death of their adopted mother Mama Joy. Lucas is battling other demons in the form of also still grappling with the death of his biological mother, who died in a fire when he and his younger brother were kids.

Similar to Jesse in Real Men Knit, in the midst of adjusting to life without Mama Joy, Lucas must deal with the return of his now-divorced childhood crush—with a daughter in tow—to their Harlem neighborhood. Sydney lives and works in the laundrymat building, owned by her grandfather, directly across the street! Oh the torture of seeing her on a regular basis. The long-deferred young love storyline too closely mirrored what happened in the first book. While Real Men Knit actually focused on Jesse and Kerry getting closer as a couple, Knot Again spent more time showing Lucas and Sydney pining for each other separately, reminiscing about the past while being skeptical about a future together. Though their relationship was years in the making, it felt forced and quick in the storytelling.

I didn’t finish Real Men Knit with a deep longing for a sequel, but I had placed holds for both. Knot Again became available just as I finished the former. It was a “why not?” read. There are two brothers left, so I suspect two more books are on the horizon.

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