#BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 11: Inspirational

#BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 11: Inspirational: a book that encourages you to love I worked at Borders Bookstore during the early 2000s. Back then, among some of the books flying off the shelves were Harry Potter,  Oprah Book Club selections, and any author who had been a guest on Oprah’s show, including Dr. Phil and Iyanla … More #BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 11: Inspirational

#BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 10: Cover Love

#BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 10: Cover Love: Beautiful cover and beautiful love story My rinky dink camera phone doesn’t do it justice, but the jacket cover of Tayari Jones‘ An American Marriage is absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Designed by Jaya Miceli, it has a simple graphic of a many-branched tree with  the rich topaz background color … More #BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 10: Cover Love

#BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 3: Relationship Goals

#BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 3: Relationship Goals: a couple with an ideal relationship “Couple” and “love” do not always have to have romantic connotations. I chose the memoir Sing To Me: My Story of Making Music, Finding Magic, and Searching for Who’s Next by singer-songwriter-music-exec L.A. Reid, which I read as an audiobook. In it,  Reid talks about his decades-long … More #BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 3: Relationship Goals

Can you fill this out without lying?

  I’m what you’d call a Facebook lurker. Every now and then, countless hours are spent skimming posts. I scroll, chuckling at memes, watching videos, reading article headlines (sometimes even clicking and reading the article), screenshotting positive affirmations, and reading people’s rants. Sometimes I fall down the rabbit hole of the comments of hot button … More Can you fill this out without lying?

#BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 2: Favorite Couple

  #BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 2: Favorite Couple: your favorite couple in a book How could you not love Janie & Tea Cake in Zora Neal Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God? They didn’t give a damn about people’s opinions about their “unconventional relationship.” Tea Cake was younger than Janie by more than a decade, he was … More #BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 2: Favorite Couple