#BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 3: Relationship Goals

#BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 3: Relationship Goals: a couple with an ideal relationship “Couple” and “love” do not always have to have romantic connotations. I chose the memoir Sing To Me: My Story of Making Music, Finding Magic, and Searching for Who’s Next by singer-songwriter-music-exec L.A. Reid, which I read as an audiobook. In it,  Reid talks about his decades-long … More #BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 3: Relationship Goals

Can you fill this out without lying?

  I’m what you’d call a Facebook lurker. Every now and then, countless hours are spent skimming posts. I scroll, chuckling at memes, watching videos, reading article headlines (sometimes even clicking and reading the article), screenshotting positive affirmations, and reading people’s rants. Sometimes I fall down the rabbit hole of the comments of hot button … More Can you fill this out without lying?

#BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 2: Favorite Couple

  #BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 2: Favorite Couple: your favorite couple in a book How could you not love Janie & Tea Cake in Zora Neal Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God? They didn’t give a damn about people’s opinions about their “unconventional relationship.” Tea Cake was younger than Janie by more than a decade, he was … More #BlackLoveBooks Challenge Day 2: Favorite Couple

Up For a Challenge

Helen of Troy’s face launched a thousand ships, and Kiki’s love inspired a song that launched an internet dance challenge craze started by @theshiggyshow. Long before I finally heard the full length of Drake’s In My Feelings, the same seconds-long clip played as people jumped out of cars making hearts with their hands and criss-crossing … More Up For a Challenge