Here for It

She debated hitting the accept button with the green check or the decline button with the red x. It wasn’t a mandatory meeting. Employees were “strongly encouraged” to attend. Even if it were mandatory, what would they do if she didn’t attend? Fire her? Yeah, right. It’s not like this were high school where she … More Here for It


Her phone buzzed with a new text alert.

“Come outside and look at the moon.” The text was from her landlord who lived upstairs with his three kids. He was newly separated from his wife. … More Moonlight

There Goes My Sock

“Fuck your flight,” seemed to be the Lyft driver’s nonverbal message with his 45 mph driving even though we told him we were trying to catch a flight in a bit more than an hour. I knew I should’ve went straight to the airport from my place, but nooooo, I had this romantic notion of … More There Goes My Sock


  For several months, I’d been on the hunt for plain cotton panties. By plain, I don’t mean boring and nondescript. I mean 100% cotton panties. Not a cotton blend. No nylon, lycra, polyester, spandex, elastane or whatever the fuck else is in underwear these days. Plain cotton, preferably with a print or pattern, like … More Panties

Christmas in March

Well, it’s March. No better time to take down and put away my Christmas tree. Relax. It’s not what you’re thinking. A dried out pine or fir tree was not sprinkling its dead needles all over my living room rug. Au contraire, my first ever Christmas tree of my adult life was a book Christmas … More Christmas in March