There Goes My Sock

“Fuck your flight,” seemed to be the Lyft driver’s nonverbal message with his 45 mph driving even though we told him we were trying to catch a flight in a bit more than an hour. I knew I should’ve went straight to the airport from my place, but nooooo, I had this romantic notion of … More There Goes My Sock

Christmas in March

Well, it’s March. No better time to take down and put away my Christmas tree. Relax. It’s not what you’re thinking. A dried out pine or fir tree was not sprinkling its dead needles all over my living room rug. Au contraire, my first ever Christmas tree of my adult life was a book Christmas … More Christmas in March

Sherring’s Goodwatch: Z: The Beginning of Everything

Too bad I don’t have Amazon Prime Video. If I did, I’d watch Z: The Beginning of Everything when the series airs Friday, January 27, 2017. The trailer has been airing on TV, but I paid it no mind.  I don’t subscribe to the streaming service, but Wednesday, through my membership with the New York … More Sherring’s Goodwatch: Z: The Beginning of Everything

Not Without Me!

via Daily Prompt: Invitation Last July, I took a girls’ trip to New Orleans to attend Essence Music Festival. The trip was months in the making. Well, years actually. I’d been wanting to attend Essence Music Festival for over ten years. Year after year and month after month as an Essence magazine subscriber I’d be … More Not Without Me!

Maybe Next Life You’ll Be a Flamingo

Having a crush sucks. I’m not talking about typical Hollywood crushes most women probably have on celebrities. Morris Chestnut always and forever, baby! In second place is Jake Gyllenhaal. Polar opposites, but both are able to garner my unwavering support of their projects. My crushes on them don’t suck. They’re pure flights of fancy. Crushes on … More Maybe Next Life You’ll Be a Flamingo