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Sherring’s Goodreads: Falling

FALLingFALLing by G.G. Gleason
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Falling by G.G. Gleason is a cute, yet spicy friends-to-lovers read. I loved the sexual tension and comfort level between Connie and Josh. The whole time I was reading it, I kept wondering: why couldn’t I have a lifelong best friend to fall in love with? Life would’ve been much easier. It would’ve saved me from the agony and defeat of hopping on and off these damn dating apps. I’ve spent enough money on them to purchase matching leather jacket and knee-high boots á la Mary J. Blige.

But this isn’t about my failure-to-launch romances. It’s about Contance falling in love with her childhood best friend who’s there for her in more ways than one when her long-time boyfriend dumps her. It’s a role reversal from the beginning of their friendship. As kids, Connie was Josh’s protector, and her family became his. Now, Josh comes to her rescue when her no-good cheating boyfriend wants her out of their shared apartment with no warning. The only little bit of revenge she’s able to get is by making him buy her out for all the things she was forced to leave behind. Karma exacts its revenge when he ends up in the hospital where she works with a broken leg.

Josh is the complete opposite of Connie’s ex. Ever the sweetheart, the well-to-do realtor offers to let his physician assistant friend crash at his New York City apartment until she’s able to get on her feet and find her own place. Though she works crazy hours, the time they do spend together you can see how their friendship evolves into a romantic one, even though the sexual tension has always been there. They never crossed that line. That line is trampled when he treats her to a weekend getaway for some cabin living (and love-making). The City Boy becomes a Lumberjack.

Of course, the pair’s families are happy that they’ve finally made it official, as was I.

Again, I repeat: where is my version of a Josh in my life?

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